How to Activate Your Stellar Gateway

stewartpearce2By Stewart Pearce

The stellar gateway is the 12th chakra, a beautiful white star, at the upper edge of your energy field at the very apex of your Merkaba. This chakra is a powerful portal for the intergalactic aspect of the soul, and the Merkaba is a vehicle for the light body to travel inter-dimensionally.

The Hebrew word ‘Merkaba’ means ‘chariot of light’. It is an extremely complex energy system based on the sacred geometric shapes of the five platonic solids. When the Merkaba travels, a counter-rotating field of light is generated from the spinning of these specific geometric forms – being directed by the heart discipline of the initiate. It carries the light body from one world to another, able to cross dimensions and realities through space and time. So this chakra is an energy vortex of considerable magnitude, through which we may truly experience our soul in marriage with the cosmos.

When the stellar gateway chakra awakens, it unifies the initiate with Source, linked into the essence of the Christ consciousness which lies at the core of the cosmos. Initiates are those who live their spiritually consciously, mindful through the discipline of aligning their physical, emotional and spiritual being with the all-knowing awareness that they are moving back to wholeness, to be at one with Source.

Archangel Metatron’s force overshadows the most ardent of spiritual beings in their quest for enlightenment. Metatron shines as a diamond or quartz crystal orb, shimmering the purest light of love onto the individual’s search for the essence and reflection of love and freedom.

Metatron is the angel of the sacred presence, sitting on the right side of the Divine, and as such, hears all mediations and meditations set before God. Metatron is the supernal teacher who holds the key to the Akashic records – the great book of all thought that has ever been conceived. Metatron dispenses Divine knowledge from this book whenever it is requested in faith and purity.

If you wish to evoke Metatron, concentrate on the Divine ray in the image with a specific intention of what you require, and you will be brought unprecedented spiritual growth. It is through this great angel that you can be calibrated through the formula of the Divine being made flesh, as we see in human terms on planet Earth.

Be at one with Metatron

  • Find yourself in a sacred space whether this be a natural landscape or your personal sanctuary.

  • Light a white or silver candle, burn frankincense – Metatron’s scent – and play ambient music to prepare opening your 12th chakra for Metatron’s loving support and wisdom.

  • Imagine a silver light emerging from your 12th chakra and breath this orb throughout your sanctuary, healing the space and invoking Metatron’s presence. If you can, place a piece of clear quartz in your hand, or if lying down in a supine position, lay the stone above your head.

  • Align your spine, feel grounded, and be vigilant to receive Metatron’s healing energy through the pulsations and wave energies of your body.

  • Breath wide and deep, feeling the breath as a silver force moving through the whole of your spine, deep into Mother Earth beneath you, then upwards through your stellar gateway chakra and beyond into the cosmos to touch Sirius – Metatron’s home planet.

  • Pause… then again breathe wide and deep, and this time sound HEE seven times through the stellar gateway chakra at the apex of your energy field. This will draw Metatron’s presence closer.

  • Rest. Soak in the stillness of your soul and notice how your energy field spreads widely through your body, touched by Metatron’s diamond-light presence. Listen to the oracular whisperings of Metatron, full of wise, merciful council about your connection with Divine intelligence.

This article first appeared in Prediction Magazine

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